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Topic: Off-site working

initial safety survey
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Initial safety survey

Initial safety survey

If your staff will carry out work on an unfamiliar site, use our survey form to help you to plan the job properly. What’s covered?

What are you dealing with?

When your staff work on clients’ sites you won’t usually have full control over the working area. For example, contractors may be close by completing hazardous processes or the premises itself could throw up issues such as asbestos-containing materials.

No surprises

Rather than relying on your staff to cope with what’s going on around them, use our Initial Safety Survey form. This will enable you to plan your work in a way that deals with potentially hazardous situations.

Reduces risks all round

By being aware of potential issues you can ensure that your staff are prepared for all scenarios. Doing so will reduce safety risks and help you to prevent project delays.

For example, if you know that there’s asbestos on site, you can design your work so that there’s no chance of disturbing it rather than being unable to work as planned and having to go back to the drawing board.

Early doors

We recommend that you complete this process when you’re pricing the job. If you’re aware of issues that could cause problems, you can price these risks in.

What’s covered?

The first section of the document prompts you to ask your client for as much information about their premises as possible. This includes any site rules etc. that your staff will have to follow. The last part of the form provides space for you to add any photographs that you’ve taken and to provide a description of what you’ve observed.


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