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Topic: Personnel management

disability agreed adjustments record
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Disability agreed adjustments record

Disability agreed adjustments record

Our document records what reasonable adjustments have been agreed by a disabled worker’s line manager. The record is “owned” by the worker and whenever they move roles, are relocated or change manager, they can give it to their new manager so that they’re aware of the position without the need for the worker to explain their requirements again.

Equality Act 2010

Under the Equality Act 2010, where a physical workplace feature or a provision, criterion or practice puts a disabled worker at a substantial disadvantage compared with non-disabled workers, you’re under a duty to take such steps as it is reasonable to have to take to avoid the disadvantage. This is known as your duty to make reasonable adjustments. Our Disability Agreed Adjustments Record is intended to cover those reasonable adjustments, but it goes further as you can also use it for workers who might not be disabled within the meaning of the legislation but are nevertheless suffering from a health condition or impairment which is having an adverse impact on them at work.


The document records what adjustments have been agreed to be put in place by the worker’s line manager to eliminate barriers in the workplace. The intention is that the record is owned by the worker, not by you, and they can decide who is to be provided with a copy of it, although a copy will be held by their line manager. Both parties will complete it together and then sign it once the adjustments have been agreed. It explores the impact of the worker’s health condition, impairment or disability on them at work and then lists the adjustments that have been agreed to be implemented by their line manager, together with the implementation dates. If any additional advice has been received, such as from the employee’s GP or Occupational Health, this can be included on the record too. Examples of the type of adjustments that could be agreed in the record include providing specially adapted equipment, e.g. a chair, desk or computer, temporarily amending certain job duties, changing break times or allowing flexible working or time off for medical appointments. Whenever a worker moves roles, is relocated or changes line manager, they can then give the record to their new line manager so that they’re aware of the position without the need for the worker to explain their requirements again. We’ve placed the responsibility on the worker to pass the record on as required, making clear that you won’t be holding a copy of it centrally.

Adjustments review

Review the record on at least an annual basis to ensure the agreed adjustments are working effectively. Our document also includes an adjustments review section to enable you to do this. In addition, review it if either the employee’s health condition, impairment or disability changes or they move to a new role, department or workplace or there are any other changes to their job which mean that the agreed adjustments may no longer be appropriate.

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