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Interview expenses claim form
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Interview expenses claim form

Interview expenses claim form

Our interview expenses claim form is for a job applicant to claim travel expenses for attending an interview. You’ll need details of their journey and the expenses incurred, or mileage if they drove. You can then check that you’re satisfied with this information, and that it’s consistent with any receipts provided, before deciding whether to exercise your discretion to pay out.

No expenses obligation

Legally, you’re under no obligation to either pay for, or contribute towards, a job applicant’s travel expenses incurred in attending an interview with you, regardless of how far away they live, what method of transport they used and how many interviews they’re asked to attend. Our Recruitment Policy therefore has two options. The first provides that job applicants need to pay their own costs and the second states that any contribution towards reasonable travel expenses is paid at your absolute discretion and is subject to the production of original receipts to support the claim.

Expenses claim form

Assuming you are willing to pay some, or all, of a job applicant’s reasonable travel expenses to attend an interview, our policy refers to their completing and signing an Interview Expenses Claim Form. Our form gathers all the essential information you’ll need to consider the exercise of your discretion and to pay out on a claim. As well as requesting the job applicant’s name and contact details, it asks for information relating to the job applied for and the interview. It then asks about the method of transport used. Where the individual used public transport, they need to provide data relating to the public transport operators, their journey and expenses incurred. If they drove to the interview, they need to provide data on their journey and the total mileage. Finally, they can request payment either by BACS or by cheque and, if the former, they’re asked to confirm their bank details.

Fraudulent expenses claim

If a job applicant provides false information for their claim, for example, they try to claim for travel expenses that aren’t legitimate, not only will you be able to decline their claim but also this is a factor you’ll want to consider in determining their job application. It’s unlikely you’ll want to offer a job to someone who’s already shown themselves to be dishonest.




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