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Topic: Asbestos

asbestos statement (for premises with no identified asbestos)
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Asbestos statement (for premises with no identified asbestos)

Asbestos statement (for premises with no identified asbestos)

If you are responsible for the repair and maintenance of your premises, then you have a “duty to manage asbestos”, including making an assessment as to whether any is present or could be. The results of the assessment must be recorded - even if you don’t think there is any in the building.

Stating your case

The Asbestos Statement can be used to record the reasons which have led to your assessment that there are no asbestos-containing materials in the building. The statement includes three phrases you can choose from:

• a survey has been carried out and no asbestos has shown up
• the building is very recently constructed; or
• the materials present can be readily identified as non-asbestos products, e.g. wood, glass etc.

You may of course have your own alternative reasons.

Covering every possibility

Because you can never be sure what might be uncovered in the future, the document includes a phrase explaining that any suspected asbestos materials discovered in the future will be investigated before being disturbed.


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