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pre-demolition checklist
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Pre-demolition checklist

Pre-demolition checklist

Many construction projects involve the demolition or dismantling of an existing structure before a new build can take place. Our checklist will help you to prepare before putting the work out to tender.

Serious business

The demolition or dismantling of structures, even relatively small ones, has the potential to create significant risks to those involved, as well as bystanders. For example, Moor Park Charitable Trust Ltd was prosecuted after a fatal accident when contractors were taking apart a wooden classroom. Integral supports were removed too soon causing the roof to collapse with five workers inside - one of them was killed. As this and other cases prove, clients need to take responsibility for passing on the right information to their prospective contractors and you need to select competent contractors for the work.

Warning. Demolition and dismantling, even where it involves a small garage, is a high-risk activity and should be delegated to a contractor with experience and skill in this type of work. Unless you are a construction firm, it’s unlikely that you will have the in-house expertise.

When to use this document

Our Pre-demolition Checklist is for the very early stages of a project when you have determined that a structure needs to be removed. It helps you to gather together all the essential information you will need later when you’re carrying out your client duties under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015. These include pulling together “pre-construction information” of which your pre-demolition information will form an important part.

This checklist also provides a useful reminder to take certain precautions, e.g. checking for asbestos, implementing fire precautions or decommissioning gas or electricity supplies.

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