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Topic: Construction

Method statement - master
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Method statement - master

Method statement - master

Our method statement document makes it easier than ever to define how to complete a construction-related task.


As there are considerable risks associated with many construction-related tasks, you cannot leave things to chance. So, to formalise the safe systems of work you wish your staff to follow, use our Method Statement - Master document. The preparation of a method statement is a tried and tested approach that’s been the industry standard for the construction sector for many years.

How to approach the task

Although it’s something that most people in the construction sector are used to completing, there are many different ways of doing it. Some feel the need to include very specific and explicit instructions, others provide more of an overview of the processes and rely on the competence of their staff to fill in the gaps. We would suggest that the latter is more effective.

About the job

Our document provides space for details about the project. The next part provides space for you to identify the safe systems of work to be followed. Here you should spell out how you expect staff to work. For example, if you think the task should be completed from a scaffold, state it here. This stops staff from making their own minds up and adopting a less safe approach to the job, e.g. working from a ladder. As a reminder to staff, there is space for you to identify the “Key hazards” associated with the job. The “PPE Assessment” provides space to identify what PPE must be worn by your staff and others involved in the job.

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