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Topic: Construction

construction phase plan checklist
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Construction phase plan checklist

Construction phase plan checklist

If you’re acting as principal contractor for a large construction project, your construction phase plan will need to be detailed. Our checklist will guide you through what to include. 

When you need one

A construction phase plan is a document which sets out all the site safety management arrangements for a construction project. Since the introduction of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 this type of document is required for all projects, even very small construction work carried out by a single contractor. The plan must be in place before the work starts.

As emphasised in the HSE’s guidance, the level of detail needs to be proportionate to the level of risk. For small projects a simple page or two will suffice. But if you’re running a more complex or lengthy construction project you’ll need to explain your arrangements in much more detail. You can use our Construction Phase Plan Checklist to ensure that you cover all the key topics.

Using our document

Our checklist covers the range of topics which would usually be included. The idea is to work through the list, ticking “Yes”, “No” or “N/A” for each one. You can use the list either to decide what’s going into your plan, or to check off each topic as you complete it, or both. You can mark the “F/I” column to indicate that there’s further information in the notes section at the end of the form.

There are five key parts: description of project, management of the work, arrangements for controlling significant site risks, site waste management plan and the health and safety file.

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