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shower cleaning record
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Shower cleaning record

Shower cleaning record

If you have a shower on the premises, then you’ll need to make sure you control the risk of Legionnaire’s disease. Our Shower Cleaning Record will help.

Why you need our form

Legionella bacteria can grow anywhere that water is allowed to sit at a warm temperature. Showers are a bigger risk than most other parts of the water system. Slime and scale can encourage bacteria to build to dangerous levels. Shower users are then put at risk of catching Legionnaire’s disease by inhaling fine droplets produced by the shower head.

The HSE’s “Legionnaire’s Disease Approved Code of Practice and Guidance Ref L8”, states that shower heads and hoses should be cleaned on a quarterly basis.

How to use it

If you have several showers, it may help in your record keeping if you allocate a unique reference number or code to each outlet. Write these in the first column of the form.

Next, in the spaces indicated, complete details of the premises location and the person responsible for carrying out the cleaning task.

Follow the instructions for undertaking the task and then simply enter the date and signature alongside the details of each shower.

If there are any further actions arising, or comments to make, note them on the second part of the form with details of when the action was completed.

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