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Fridge and freezer temperature records
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Fridge and freezer temperature records

Fridge and freezer temperature records

Monitoring fridge and freezer temperatures is a necessary requirement in a commercial kitchen. Use our form to record your findings.

Why you need to keep records

Cold and frozen food must be stored at the correct temperature as part of your food safety management system. Monitoring these temperatures is a legal requirement.

In a fridge the growth of bacteria is slowed to a safe level, subject to food not being stored for excessive periods of time. In a freezer bacteria become dormant. In both cases if temperature restrictions are not met, you’ll run the risk of causing food poisoning. For this reason, we’ve produced a Fridge and Freezer Temperature Records form which enables you to quickly note down your checked temperatures.

Your records form part of your legally required hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP).

Using the form

Our form is designed to simplify the way in which you record your fridge and freezer temperatures. You will need to use a fresh form each month.

In the first line of the table there’s a heading, Units”, where you should write your fridge and freezer numbers. There are four spaces available for different appliances and you should therefore use more than one form if needed.

On each day, both in the “AM” and the “PM” columns, you are to monitor and record the temperature of your fridges and freezers. If the temperatures are either too high or low you should record comments and corrective actions.

Once completed there are signature columns for both morning and afternoon readings. This confirms who carried out the monitoring and that the temperatures recorded are accurate. Note. Signatures are checked during audits and inspections, therefore you should make sure this part of the form is completed.

At the end of each week there’s a section for the supervisor or manager to sign and date to show they have checked the recordings made.

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