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odour complaint report
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Odour complaint report

Odour complaint report

If you receive a complaint about an odour that may originate from your property, use our report to record all of the pertinent information.

Fend them off

If you’re on the receiving end of a complaint, although it may be tempting to dismiss it, doing so isn’t a wise move - this approach may actually improve the case against you. If you receive a call, use our Odour Complaint Report to record details of the problem and what you have done, or will do, about it.

Who’s complaining?

The first part of the document asks you to record details of the individual who’s making the complaint. Note. It’s important to collect as much information as possible, as this will help you to identify where an odour may have spread to and whether further complaints are likely.

Weather conditions

The second part of the document asks for details about the weather at the time of the complaint. Again, this information is important as it will help you to identify how the odour may have travelled, and even ascertain that it’s actually come from another business.


The next section asks you to provide further information about the odour, e.g. description, comparison with other odours, duration, whether it’s having a negative impact on the individual’s wellbeing. The final part of the document guides you through an investigation and what, if any, action you should take.


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