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Document updated/added on 08.01.2020

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kitchen temperature quiz
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Kitchen temperature quiz

Kitchen temperature quiz (England)

To keep your customers safe, food handlers need a good understanding of the factors which could cause food poisoning. Use our quiz on hot and cold food temperatures to keep everyone safe.

Vital ingredient

Temperature control is critical in a kitchen environment. From the point of delivery to the time when food is served to a customer, you must ensure it is stored, processed, cooked, held and served at the right temperature. If you allow frozen or chilled products to get too warm, bacteria will begin to multiply. The same will occur if cooked food does not reach a high enough temperature in a short enough space of time, or if hot food is not held at a high enough temperature during hot holding. It is therefore imperative that food handlers, including chefs, kitchen porters and front of house staff, know at what temperature food should be stored, cooked and held.

How to use it

Our Kitchen Temperature Quiz has been designed as a quick way to check that staff know what they should be doing. Not only is our document suitable following initial training but also to reinforce and test a worker’s knowledge between training sessions. Each question is multiple choice, with four possible answers to choose from.

Everyone who completes the test is expected to get top marks. If they don’t further training will be required followed by a re-test. Upon successful completion, retain a record of the date, name and result of the assessment.


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