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Topic: Construction

protecting the public from construction works
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Protecting the public from construction works

Risk assessment - protecting the public from construction works

Construction has a reputation for being a dangerous industry, but it isn’t just workers who get hurt. To ensure that you’ve addressed the risks to members of the public use our risk assessment.

Cause for concern

Every year construction activities cause injuries and deaths to road users, visitors, residents, passers-by and trespassers, including children.

Those involved in construction activities carry a heavy burden of responsibility when it comes to public safety. Using our Risk Assessment - Protecting the Public from Construction Works will help you to fulfil that duty.

How to use it

Our risk assessment is set out in a table with sections to record different activities and the associated hazards, persons at risk and risk control measures.

The “Risk” and “Residual risk” columns enable you to give a risk rating for the hazards. In the first of these you must imagine that no precautions have been taken to mitigate the risk and in the second you assume the suggested control measures are in place. The risk rating is determined by evaluating the likelihood of harm occurring and the severity of that harm. Instructions on how to do this are provided on the final page.

The document is pre-filled with information based on HSE guidance. The activities covered include: (1)Planning and general management of works”; (2)Control of visitors and trespassers”; (3) “Excavations; (4) Traffic and site vehicles”; (5)Power supplies”; (6)Work at height”; (7)Storage of materials”; (8)Cartridge guns”; and (9)Hazardous and flammable substances”.

Compare the contents with your own site and amend and add to it as necessary.

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