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Topic: Accident management and first aid

accident - photo record
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Accident - photo record

Accident - photo record

In the event of an accident it’s vital to collect as much evidence as possible to ascertain what happened. Using our new photo record will help you to do this.

Recording facts

Completing an accident investigation can be a tricky process. When the injured party and any witnesses are interviewed, obtaining accurate information isn’t guaranteed. Although they’re unlikely to deliberately paint a false picture, it often happens if they’re unable to recount what they saw but feel under pressure to tell you something.

Fact not fiction

Rather than asking staff to remember facts, change your approach. Nearly everyone has a smartphone so there should be a camera to hand; ask staff to take some photographs in the event of an accident. However, we’re not suggesting that they ask the victim to lie still to get a good shot of their injury. This must not happen.

What to capture?

Your photo record should be of the accident scene. This includes the location, any machinery involved, any hazards, e.g. trip hazards - basically anything that will help you to sort the fact from the fiction. 

How to record your findings?

Our Accident - Photo Record document can be used to collate your photographs and for the person who took them (or someone who understands the content) to provide an explanation of what’s in each picture. Insert each photo into the box on the left of the form. There is space to the right to provide a short description. This information can be included in your pack of accident investigation documents and used accordingly.

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