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Topic: Accident management and first aid

first aid personnel needs
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First aid personnel needs

First aid personnel needs

Your first aid needs will vary depending on the size and nature of your business. To help you identify them, we’ve created an easy-to-use table to assist you.

Identifying personnel needs

Once you’ve assessed your organisational structure and working practices, you need to consider what you need in terms of first aid trained personnel. Again, there’s no specific legal requirement other than to provide “adequate and appropriate” first aid. However, the Approved Code of Practice gives recommendations on the ratio of staff to appointed persons and/or first aiders. Whilst following it isn’t a legal requirement, you will be assessed against it in the event of a problem. For this reason, it may be helpful to refer to a table of First Aid Personnel Needs, which is based on this guidance document.

Table layout

For ease of use, our table is divided into four columns, which are as follows: category of risk, type of business; staff numbers at each location; and suggested first aid provision. There are also three rows that focus on the level of risk. These rows are then subdivided according to the numbers of staff that you employ at an individual site. This is important as this is the major determinant as to the numbers of first aiders and/or appointed persons that are necessary in a given set of circumstances.

Using the table

The first row in the table considers those undertakings that can be safely described as being “lower risk”, which include shops and offices. In order to identify what level of first aid provision is recommended, look at the third column and identify the number of staff that you have at a particular location. Once you’ve done this, the fourth column states the level of provision that you should consider having.


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