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Topic: Health and safety management

safety representative inspection form
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Safety representative inspection form

Safety representative inspection form

Union-appointed safety representatives have certain rights and functions under legislation including the right to carry out inspections. Use our form to keep a record of these inspections.

Permitted by law

“Safety representative” is a specific term arising from the Safety Representatives and Safety Committees Regulations 1977 (SRSCR). It refers to a representative appointed to provide safety support to the workforce in a business which has a recognised trade union. The term is normally shortened to “safety rep”.

The SRSCR contain many protections for safety reps including the right to take paid time off for training and to carry out their functions. Another is the right to carry out inspections. They may do so having given reasonable notice in writing to the employer. They also have the right to inspect following a serious accident, dangerous occurrence or case of occupational disease. This second right only applies if it is safe for them to do so and the incident is relevant to the workers they represent.

Following an inspection it’s good practice for the safety reps to make a record of the inspection. That’s where our Safety Representative Inspection Form comes in.

Statutory basis

Our document is based on one provided by the HSE within guidance to the SRSCR, “Consulting workers on health and safety (L146)”. We’ve improved on it by expanding the contents and providing clearer labelling to indicate the information required.

The form should be completed after any inspection in which a safety rep took part.

What’s covered?

Start by entering a reference number for the inspection and then complete the basic details in the boxes provided including the date, time and area inspected. There are separate sections to enter the full names and signatures of the safety and employer representatives who participated. (Note. The HSE supports the idea of joint inspections though this should not prevent safety reps from carrying out independent investigations and holding private discussions).

Once the document is filled in it should be signed to show that it has been received on behalf of the employer.

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