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Topic: Health and safety management

permit to work - lift shafts
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Permit to work - lift shafts

Permit to work - lift shafts

When contractors or in-house staff work in the lift pit or on top of the lift car, there are some obvious and serious risks. Control the work by using our permit to work - lift shafts document.

Who should use it?

The permit should be issued by someone who has a basic understanding of the safety mechanisms of the lift/s, e.g. by having read the lift manual and inspected the plant rooms, and who also understands the contents of the permit and the way it should be used.

What’s covered?

The permit has six sections:

  1. Job details. Basic information so that the lift in question can be identified and it’s clear who is going to carry out the work and the nature of that work.
  2. Precautions. Including safety measures for the protection of those carrying out the work and building users.
  3. Authorisation. The formal agreement by the permit issuer that the work can proceed.
  4. Receipt. The formal agreement by the supervisor in charge of the work that the precautions are in place.
  5. Hand back. Where the supervisor in charge confirms that the lift is back in service or has been isolated awaiting further repairs.
  6. Cancellation by the permit issuer. Confirming that the work area has been left in a safe condition.


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