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Topic: Health and safety management

workplace health and safety - audit
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Workplace health and safety - audit

Workplace health and safety - audit

If there are safety issues in your workplace, such as slip and trip hazards, you should take photos and insert them into a site inspection record.

Hazard spotting

Sometimes, significant issues are only identified when you go out looking for them. This is where our Workplace Health and Safety Audit document will come in very useful. It can be used to record the findings of a formal site inspection and your plans to address the issues raised.

Set the scene

At the top of the first page, there are two paragraphs of text. These identify when and how the document should be used. You’re then asked to identify details about the premises being inspected and those working on it.

What did you find?

The next section, the Site health and safety audit - inspection record” is where the bulk of the information should be recorded. There are five boxes. The first “Number” should be used to reference the issue identified. The second box “Photograph or description” is pretty self-explanatory. Although you can use text, using photographs will ensure that important messages aren’t lost. You don’t need an expensive camera to do this – in fact, photos taken on a phone will be fine.

The problem

The next boxes: “Details of hazard” and “Suggested control measures” should be used to spell out the problem, i.e. trip hazards and what actions are required to deal with them. If you want to add more detail, tick the “F/I” and add it in the “Further information” section of the document.

What to do

Finally, you should use the “Action plan” to identify what work, if any, was completed to address the hazard. 


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