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Topic: Health and safety management

Register of health and safety legislation - food
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Register of health and safety legislation - food

Register of health and safety legislation - food

If you run a food business it is sensible to maintain a register of legislation. Use our document to keep up to date.

Maintaining control

Our Register of Health and Safety Legislation - Food has been developed to summarise the legal requirements relating to food production and sale in your business. Use it to set out the requirements which apply to you and to explain the actions implemented in response. This is especially useful if you are seeking certification for your health and safety management system, e.g. under ISO 45001.

Why is this important?

If you’re providing food on your premises via a staff canteen, restaurant or shop it’s important to abide by food safety legislation to ensure that employees, visitors and clients are not harmed and to protect your business reputation.

 What’s covered?

This is a complex subject with many individual pieces of legislation applying to particular product types and manufacturing circumstances. To keep it simple we’ve included only the general food safety legislation which applies universally to food businesses. Tailor the document to add any specific requirements which are relevant to your activities. You can also make amendments to account for the part of the UK you are located.

Using the register

The first three columns have been completed for you, but you’ll need to fill in the fourth with business-specific information. To help you we have added example text. It’s worth taking your time over the final column to ensure you have included as much detail as possible.


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