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Topic: Health and safety policy

compressed air use policy
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Compressed air use policy

Compressed air use policy 

It’s been identified that many businesses waste energy and create unnecessary carbon emissions because they don’t use compressed air equipment efficiently. This policy will help you to cut bills and emissions.

Why bother?

Compressed air production accounts for 10% of all the electricity consumed by industry in the UK. There are a number of reasons for this. The first is that compressed air equipment is used across many industries, ranging from construction to manufacturing. Another is that it isn’t used efficiently. Machinery is left on when it’s not required, leaks in pipes aren’t fixed etc.

How is it set out?

The first section identifies why you have introduced such a policy. The second part of the document sets out how you wish to achieve the aim of reducing energy wastage. Here the points include:

  • reducing pressure by 10% could lead to a 5% energy saving
  • turning off equipment when not in use
  • not using the equipment to blow down machinery
  • undertaking proactive checks on all compressed air pipelines
  • reporting any signs of leaks immediately.


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