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Topic: Health and safety policy

workplace transport policy
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Workplace transport policy

Workplace transport policy

If you have control over any external space which is used by vehicles, then it’s a good idea to have a policy on workplace transport. Our policy will help you.

Why have a policy?

Any employers with five or more employees are required to write down their policies and arrangements for health and safety. Accidents involving vehicles tend to be serious, so it’s important to do what you can to prevent them. If, despite your best efforts, there’s an accident, you’ll be in a stronger position to defend yourself if you have a well written and properly implemented policy.

What’s covered?

The policy has five sections:

  1.   A general statement.
  2.   Legal position.
  3.   Risk assessment.
  4.   On-site mobile plant and vehicles.
  5.   Monitoring and maintenance.

The section on risk assessment contains bullet points to help you describe the particular site safety issues which you’ve considered, e.g. pedestrian segregation, protection of vulnerable facilities from collision, loading and unloading etc.

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