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Topic: Machinery and equipment

work equipment reminder checklist
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Work equipment reminder checklist

Work equipment reminder checklist

If staff forget items of work equipment, it could impact on safety standards. To stop this from happening, use our checklist.

Where’s your hard hat?

Staff who work away from a central location must leave for the day equipped with everything they need. This includes all items of personal protective equipment (PPE), first aid kits, tools, materials, etc. However, it’s not uncommon for these to be left behind. This, of course, can have a dramatic impact on productivity levels. Worse still, some workers will be tempted to overlook safety rules, such as wearing PPE if they’ve forgotten to take it with them.

Avoid the problem

To help staff to organise their vehicles, provide them with copies of our Work Equipment Reminder Checklist. This document can be posted on to the inside doors of vans, included in folders of paperwork or added to vehicle safety checklists - basically anywhere that will make it impossible for your staff to ignore.

Note. If you have identified that to be able to work in a safe manner staff must follow prescribed methods of work and wear certain items of PPE, you must ensure that this happens. If there is an accident and inspectors are able to prove that you were aware staff might not be following your safe systems of work but you failed to deal with the situation, it will increase your liability.


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