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Topic: Machinery and equipment

work equipment - condition checklist
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Work equipment - condition checklist

Work equipment - condition checklist

When your staff use tools and equipment, they can become damaged and unsafe. Plus, some workers may use the wrong tools for the job. To keep on top of these issues use our inspection checklist.

the right tool

Keeping control of tools and work equipment can become extremely frustrating. Staff will lose or break kit and have no idea how it’s happened. Apart from the potential expense it introduces obvious health and safety issues. They may use equipment that’s potentially unsafe or use a tool for a purpose it hasn’t been designed, e.g. using a spanner as a hammer.

Quick check

To make sure that staff have the right kit and it’s in an acceptable condition, complete formal checks. To record what you’ve done and when, use our Work Equipment - Condition Checklist.

Short and simple

The first part of the document asks you to provide basic details which identify who’s completing the check and where they’re working. It also asks you to state when the checks were completed. Next, it asks you to list the types of equipment you’re checking. It also provides space to list inventory numbers.

Note. We haven’t stipulated an ideal frequency. This is because in some instances it might be worthwhile doing them every day, whereas it may only be necessary to check the tools on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. If you’re having trouble with staff looking after their kit, do the checks daily or weekly. If they look after their equipment, you can do them less frequently.

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