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Topic: Machinery and equipment

Lifting plan - non-crane
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Lifting plan - non-crane

Lifting plan - non-crane

If you’re completing lifting operations with equipment such as an excavator, you need to make sure the process is planned, organised and executed in a safe manner. Use our document to identify the lifting team, any hazards that need to be managed, e.g. poor ground conditions, and the control measures required to reduce the risks.

Nothing left to chance

When it comes to managing lifting operations you can’t leave anything to chance. If it goes wrong, the consequences could be fatal. So to help you to manage the process effectively, use our new document to create a Lifting Plan - Non-crane.

Sit back and work it out

Historically, many lifting operations have gone wrong because they haven’t been thought through properly. For example, suitable lifting points haven’t been identified, the weight of the load hasn’t been calculated, etc. Therefore, the planning process is important. You must look at every stage of the operation and work out how the process should be completed.

Note. You can use this document to cover multiple operations. However, you should only include those being completed by the same equipment, e.g. a lorry loader or a telehandler.


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