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Topic: Machinery and equipment

Flow chart - introducing work equipment
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Flow chart - introducing work equipment

Flow chart - introducing work equipment

You have carefully chosen a new piece of equipment for your business. What are you legally required to do when introducing it into the workplace? Our flow chart explains the action to take.

How does it work?

Our Flow Chart - Introducing Work Equipment is a step-by-step guide to use when you bring in new powered machinery and other similarly hazardous work equipment. It also covers the steps to be taken to ensure it can be operated safely once installation has been completed.

Note. For simple equipment, i.e. most hand tools and other items which don’t require power, you won’t need to go into this amount of detail. The principles still apply, i.e. that you should assess and control any hazards brought about by the new item, but you should do this in a proportionate way.

Before you start

Prior to using our flow chart you should have already been through a systematic process to decide on the most suitable machine for the job. This should take into account practicalities such as: (1) whether you have space; (2) the environment where it will be used; (3) who will use it; (4) the risks in its use and maintenance; (5) whether the item is certified to required standards; and (6) the cost. Having completed this evaluation and arranged the purchase, you’re ready to plan for its arrival.

By the end of the process you will have undertaken risk assessments and developed safe systems of work, determined practical changes you need to make in the workplace, planned inspection, maintenance and training programmes, identified protective clothing required and much more. This should lead to a smooth transition to using your new equipment. This should minimise the chance of an accident and be less disruptive to your business.

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