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electrical tools visual inspection checklist
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Electrical tools visual inspection checklist

Electrical tools visual inspection checklist

You may find that you want to carry out visual inspections of your electrical hand tools between scheduled portable appliance tests. If so, a simple inspection can help you do this.

Inspection checklist

You may also find it useful to have an Electrical Tools Visual Inspection Checklist. This can be used by an employee with some basic electrical knowledge who can perform a more thorough check until the next scheduled portable appliance testing. This checklist is divided into five parts that correspond with the various hazards that electrical equipment can present.

Five-part checklist

The first part concentrates on the plug and whether it’s damaged in any way. It then prompts you to check that it is properly configured. The second looks at the cable covering, making sure that it isn’t cut or degraded in any way. Moving onto the tool itself, the third part briefly looks at its condition (if a power tool/saw), whilst the fourth concentrates on the condition of any Residual Current Devices that are used. Last but not least is a general section on casing, which can be used to check any piece of electrical equipment.

Determining the frequency

The exact frequency will depend on the intensity of use and the environment where the tool is used. As a rule of thumb, a tool used every few weeks should be subject to an annual check. However, if one is used intensively by different workers in demanding conditions, then weekly checks may be necessary. But whatever you decide, it would be useful to have a record of it.


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