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fork lift truck inspection record
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Fork lift truck inspection record

Fork lift truck inspection record

To ensure your fork lift trucks are free from damage and are safe to use, the operator should complete and record regular checks. Use our document to guide them through the process and to record their findings.

Why check them?

Obviously, using a damaged fork lift truck is potentially unsafe. For this reason, operators have a strict legal duty to check their vehicle prior to use. In many instances, these checks are visual and aren’t recorded - which is fine. However, in addition to giving the vehicle a quick look over, more formal checks should be completed on a regular basis - this is where our brand new Fork Lift Truck Inspection Record comes in.

How often?

If your truck is used every day, a daily check is warranted. But, if the truck is used infrequently, inspections can be completed less often, e.g. weekly. It’s up to you how often you insist these checks are completed - the frequency must reflect the amount of use the truck gets.

What to check?

Whoever completes the inspection should check the following things in particular: missing or damaged parts; the forks; the mast; the lift chains; all hydraulic hoses and connections; the wheels and tyres; engine and hydraulic oil levels; coolant levels and charging leads and connectors.

What to record?

The document asks the operator to identify whether everything is “OK” or “Needs attention”. If all is OK, then a simple tick in the box will suffice. If there’s something wrong, details of the fault should be recorded at the end of the document. It should then be passed onto whoever deals with fork lift truck maintenance. They should make a decision on the fault, e.g. “can the truck be used before it’s fixed?”


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