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Topic: Machinery and equipment

procedure for using mobile access towers
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Procedure for using mobile access towers

Procedure for using mobile access towers

Whilst mobile access towers are safer to use than ladders, their incorrect set-up and use can lead to death and serious injury. For this reason, consider using our procedure as a means of training users in how to operate them safely and with minimum risk.

Mobile access towers

Mobile access towers (MAT) are far safer than ladders. Not only are they more stable, but a worker avoids the risk of a fall from height should they trip whilst working on a MAT (due to the working platform and barriers). However, they do carry a risk of collapse if erected and used by untrained staff. With this in mind, we have produced a Procedure for Using Mobile Access Towers. It’s designed so that supervisors can run through it with each new employee before they can work with, or on, a MAT.


Training staff in the safe erection and use of MATs is very important. The first few points on our procedure, ask if the employee has been trained and that they are familiar with the contents of the manufacturer’s instruction manual (it’s this that should form the basis of the training). The checklist then moves onto the essentials of understanding how to use a MAT safely, such as locking castors, checking for both ground and overhead obstructions and to only move it in a safe manner.


The last few points concern what not to do. These include avoiding the use of a MAT in high winds or near to power lines. Other procedural issues are concerned with instructing staff not to carry tools or heavy loads when climbing up a tower (use a rope instead), or to climb up from the outside.


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