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vibration tools safety checklist
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Vibration tools safety checklist

Vibration tools safety checklist

You are now required to be proactive in reducing the level of vibration to which staff are exposed when using tools. So why not use a checklist that’s designed specifically to help you do this?

Dealing with vibration hazards

Following a Court of Appeal case, you’re now expected to be proactive in reducing the level of vibration to which your employees are exposed to through regular use of tools. In order to help you do this, you could use our Vibration Tools Safety Checklist. This one is divided into four sections.

Using the right tools

The first section concentrates on the main points to consider when purchasing vibration tools, as this is obviously the best (and cheapest) time to try to reduce level of vibration. You’re also prompted to make it clear to the supplier exactly how the tools will be used in your workplace, e.g. under what conditions. Section two looks at the link between using the right tools for the job and training, e.g. whether staff have been trained to use all the equipment that they could be expected to need, and how to determine suitability for a particular task.


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