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Topic: Environmental incidents

non-conformance and corrective action record - environment
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Non-conformance and corrective action record - environment

Non-conformance and corrective action record - environment

A non-conformance is an incident which tells you about possible weaknesses in your environmental policy and procedures or in their implementation. Keep track of them using our document.

About the form

This document is divided into two pages. The first is the “Report of non-conformance”. This is used to note the alleged non-conformance, e.g. a problem that’s caused an environmental incident or simply an observation from an audit or inspection. After these initial details are completed the “Management response” section should be completed. Once the manager has investigated they insert details as to whether the non-conformance is accepted or rejected, giving reasons. If applicable, they also complete the follow-up action required.

If action is required, page two is then filled in with information about the interim and longer-term actions. These are tracked by completing a target date and the date when the action has been completed. There’s also a check that feedback has been given to the originator, as without this staff will be discouraged from making reports.

Using this document will help you manage and track what action is being taken to overcome or resolve issues that may lead to an environmental incident. It will also help you to improve your overall environmental performance.

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