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HR (93)

Company rules

Criminal offences committed by staff policy
 Criminal offences committed by staff policyThere can be serious implications for you if one of your employees is under investigation for or charged with a criminal offence or convicted of a crime. Depending on the nature, you may wish to take disciplinary action against the individual. Our policy explains... Read more
Type: Policy
Property issued to employee form
Over one million employees steal from employers like you each week. You might think it's low value theft, such as the odd bit of stationery, but expensive items regularly go missing too. The risk rockets if a record isn't made when high-value equipment is issued. Use our property issued to employee... Read more
Type: Miscellaneous
Letter to employee who is imposing strong beliefs
Sometimes you come across employees with strong beliefs. The Equality Act 2010 states that an individual must not be treated less favourably because of this. If employees act inappropriately or improperly due to their strongly-held views, you'll need to take careful action to curb their behaviour while... Read more
Type: Letter
Letter enclosing a company policy
Sometimes, an employee will need to be sent a copy of a particular company policy. This might be because they're off sick or you feel that it's appropriate to highlight certain workplace rules and procedures. In this situation, you should get their written confirmation that the document has been received.... Read more
Type: Letter

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