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Guidance note - alternative fuels
How much? A question we all ask ourselves each time we fill a vehicle with fuel. But are there any alternatives that will save both money and cut the amount of carbon the vehicle creates? There are, but you should make yourself aware of all the options before making a potentially expensive mistake.Alternative... Read more
Type: Procedure
Corporate transport policy
Reducing the amount of travelling staff are asked to do has been singled out as one good way to cut the amount of carbon a business is responsible for. And, with almost constant price rises at the petrol pump, minimising miles will save money to boot. Cut the carbonTo help manage and restrict the costs... Read more
Type: Policy
Procedures for reducing unnecessary journeys
Do you really need to make that journey? Often the answer is "no", but we don't think about it until it's too late. To help avoid time wasting and potentially expensive and environmentally damaging journeys, you should look at alternatives to face-to-face meetings. Reducing unnecessary journeysIn addition... Read more
Type: Procedure

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