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New guide on recruiting people with a visible difference

The charity Changing Faces has produced a new guide to help employers improve their recruitment processes for people with a visible difference. What’s a visible difference and what’s in the guide?

According to the charity, many people with a visible difference feel excluded at work because of the way they look; their survey revealed that 36% of visibly different job applicants said they had been discriminated against in job applications because of their appearance. A visible difference is some form of mark, scar or condition which affects a person’s appearance, e.g. a birthmark, asymmetry, an unusual functioning of a person’s face or body or a skin condition. These can be caused by many different injuries, illnesses or conditions.

The guide is aimed at preparing recruiters and interviewers to provide a fair and equal recruitment process when a job applicant has a visible difference. It outlines the legal considerations as well as good recruitment practices, to make employers more aware of how their unconscious attitudes around appearance may affect their policies and practices. The guide takes the form of a series of questions and answers covering starting to recruit, before the interview, in the interview and after the interview. It answers such questions as: How do we attract people with scars or marks to apply for our roles? Does disfigurement count as a disability? Am I allowed to ask about his face? Am I allowed to ask whether the candidate needs time off for surgery or treatment?

A visible difference is a disfigurement, such as a mark, scar or condition, which affects a person’s appearance. The guide is a short online one in Q&A format covering common questions you might have about visible differences when starting to recruit, before the interview, in the interview and after the interview. It’s definitely worth a read.

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